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Case Studies
Forming Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs) around ‘natural’ communities – the Dorset approach

Our work in Dorset was initially focused on older people but quite quickly it became apparent that there was a desire to adopt this as an all-age approach. This emerged from an extensive listening exercise involving around 150 people.

CARE Case Studies
Staff Recruitment

Social media helps to fill vacant posts and build a more diverse team

CARE Case Studies
Community Singing Groups

Can reduce anxiety at much lower cost than Talking Therapy

CARE Case Studies
Chronic Disease Care

Personalised multimorbid reviews can improve uptake and save GP time

Case Studies
Community Health and Wellbeing Workers (CHWW)

CHWWs visit households within defined areas so people receive tailored and holistic health and wellbeing support to address health inequalities.

CARE Case Studies
CARE Innovations: Frailty

Projects improve access while saving resources

CARE Case Studies
CARE Innovations: Diabetes

Patient activation reduces demand by improving health

CARE Case Studies
Clinical Supervision

Offered personal and professional benefits for all staff

CARE Case Studies
CARE Innovations: Dementia

Projects reduce inequalities and combat isolation

CARE Case Studies
CARE Innovations: Care Homes

Projects reduce admissions and boost quality of life

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