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The Challenge

Frailty is one of the biggest challenges to healthy ageing, but management of the condition is in its infancy.

Primary care staff are best placed to identify and manage frailty, providing personalised care plans to address physical activity, social and emotional needs, nutritional status, and optimisation of medication.

The Innovations

CARE has identified 14 projects aimed at:

  • Health Creation: 93% of the frailty projects focused on personalised care varying from medication reviews to supporting proactive housebound care.
  • Activating Patients: 71% of the frailty projects focused on proactive care in supporting patients to connect with health and social care services.
  • Improving access: 57% of the frailty projects identified the need to improve digital access and promote alternative nonmedical support.
  • Addressing Inequality: 57% of the frailty projects aimed to reduce isolation through a proactive approach within a rural community.

of CARE projects are likely to improve access and patient activation while freeing up GP time and resources.

The Impact

  • Helens Library ‘drop ins’: These increased connections within communities.
  • Aysha’s Digital Support: Using volunteers supported and promoted online access to primary care appointments, leading to an increase in uptake.
  • Paula’s Monthly ‘Check in’: Proactive holistic monthly calls provided valuable support for vulnerable housebound patients.
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