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The pandemic forced us to work differently and think about how we reorganise care models and deploy staff in a much more innovative way. We are dedicated to supporting systems accelerate the adoption of technology across primary and secondary health care systems, aimed at helping the NHS achieve better outcomes for their populations, better insights on how to provide care and supporting better working lives.

The new generation of health technology is sensitive to the user experience and by collaborating with systems, we are able to create a better environment to work in partnership with clinicians and commissioners to deploy technology.

Read the case study: Coaching advice to support people at risk of diabetes

The innovations that come out of health technology and digital health can be the driving force for the transformation we aspire to, rather than being an enabler later down the line.

We can use analytical tools to focus on the real holistic needs of the population and targeted interventions providing they are embedded in a culture of population health thinking. We need to create the right systems and environment for those who would otherwise be digitally excluded to be actively included in the way in which we provide health technology.

As we move further into the world of integrated care and integrated working we need to ensure we embrace digital technology. In some cases this doesn’t need to be a new product or piece of technology, through our work we have seen how improvements in health outcomes and quality of patient care can be made by taking a population health improvement approach to care delivery.

In the case of digital self care advice for people with long term conditions, two population health led initiatives developed by participants on our CARE programme used existing and widely available technology in a new and creative ways. Read more about the impressive improvements in patient outcomes from these two simple but effective ideas to deliver proactive personalised care to patients.

Read the case study: Digital self care advice to support people with long term conditions

On a broader scale across a number of healthcare systems, we have worked closely with clinical teams to support the development of Viso, a tool to drive improvements in patients' management of hypertension.

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