About us

About NAPC

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) has led the development of neighbourhood care, population health improvement and integrated working for over two decades.

Part of this evolution was the creation of the primary care home (PCH), which informed national policy and led the transformation of integrated primary care across England. We established the framework for more personalised pro-active care and support to be provided locally that is tailored towards people’s needs.

We are a national membership organisation representing and supporting the interests of professionals and organisations across the breadth of health and care.

Our range of established programmes across each integrated care system in England, support and empower health and care staff to lead and pioneer change, foster innovation using digital technology and enable new ways of working to deliver integrated care through neighbourhood teams.

We deliver transformational change by working in partnership and collaboration with local systems, using local data and intelligence to design integrated care models that meet the needs of the local population and improve health and wellbeing.