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Through our extensive network of highly experienced professionals, the NAPC has a wealth of expertise covering care model redesign, system transformation, health technology, strategy, finance, analytics, facilitation, leadership development and clinical expertise across health and care.

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We support and enable healthcare teams to deliver population health based care, with a focus on:

  1. Integrated neighbourhood teams
  2. Health creation and population health improvement
  3. Transformation to digitalhealth
  4. Individual and team development

The NAPC leads the development of neighbourhood care, which is:

  • Shaped and defined by the community
  • Comprehensive and personalised, to meet the identified health, wellbeing and environmental needs of the population
  • Delivered by effective teams involving all partners in the neighbourhood
  • Creative and innovative, empowering those living and working in the community to flourish.

We do this by:

  • Understanding population and workforce needs, allowing systems to learn by experience and share their insights
  • Developing and empowering health and care teams to lead and pioneer change
  • Offering a framework for measuring system effectiveness and resource alignment
  • Developing new ways of delivering integrated care across all providers, and
  • Fostering innovation using digital technology, which leads to improved outcomes for people, communities and the workforce that serves them.