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NAPC Post Election Statement

Our congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer on securing the opportunity to form a new Government. We look forward to working with you and welcome an early opportunity to meet with the Secretary of State for Health and their team.

Case Studies
Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Informal Carers

Sam, Chantelle and Jenni increasingly noticed many carers in their practices reported that their health and social needs were not being met.

Case Studies
Improving Bereavement Services

Enhancing advice, support and training practice staff​

Community Health and Wellbeing Workers in Cornwall

Written by Marcus McAlister, NAPC Programme Manager

Why Not?…Research prevention rather than treatment?

Thoughts from our Chair- – Dr Caroline Taylor

The NHS State of Wellbeing

One legacy from the pandemic is the emerging trauma and moral injury experienced by colleagues alongside those who, in the course of their work, have been left with the debilitating symptoms of long covid.

Case Studies
Addressing LGBTQ+ Health Inequalities

Local initiatives led to enhanced patient access

Why Not?… Have a Single Metric to Rule Them All?

Thoughts from our Chair – Dr Caroline Taylor

NAPC Position – Modern Principles

NAPC Council Member, Dr Johnny Marshall, talks about NAPC’s position on modern principles.