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Community Health and Wellbeing Workers Episode 3

In this episode, our host, Katrina Percy, meets Maureen and Nahima, two of the first Community Health and Wellbeing Workers in the country, and Dr Connie Jungens who’s been implementing this model with them.

Community health wellbeing workers challenge an NHS based on clinical need

You can now read Dr. Johnny Marshall’s (NAPC Senior Leadership Team) piece in ‘Healthcare Leader’ on how Community Health and Wellbeing Workers present a solution to health inequality and challenge the principle of an NHS based on clinical need.

The National Association of Primary Care – from birth to infancy

We are excited to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the formation of the NAPC and we look forward to the next 25 years and more.

Community Health and Wellbeing Worker’s (CHWW) Star Appeal

As the CHWW initiative grows in Westminster and Cornwall and embeds in multiple new localities such as Selby and Hillingdon, we look forward to even more measurable impact through this innovative model inspired by the Brazilian Family Health Strategy. The schemes are attracting significant attention

Case Studies
Forming Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs) around ‘natural’ communities – the Dorset approach

Our work in Dorset was initially focused on older people but quite quickly it became apparent that there was a desire to adopt this as an all-age approach. This emerged from an extensive listening exercise involving around 150 people.

CARE Case Studies
Staff Recruitment

Social media helps to fill vacant posts and build a more diverse team

Planetary Health

Without planetary health there can be no population health – this is about future climate breakdown and also the environment that many communities live in today.

Better patient activation results in better outcomes

Dr Minesh Patel’s insight feature in The Times Health Supplement.

The importance of community-centric healthcare

Read Katrina Percy, NAPC Deputy CEO’s interview with The Times Health Supplement.

CARE Case Studies
Community Singing Groups

Can reduce anxiety at much lower cost than Talking Therapy