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As the CHWW initiative grows in Westminster and Cornwall and embeds in multiple new localities such as Selby and Hillingdon, we look forward to even more measurable impact through this innovative model inspired by the Brazilian Family Health Strategy.

The schemes are attracting significant attention and in addition to featuring in a number of publications the brilliant  CHWWs from the pilot (Maureen Katusabe, Nahima Begum, Comfort Idowu-Fearon), the new CHWW project managers from the Abbey centre (Sophie Kuprashvili) and Paddington Development Trust (Emma Sweany) and 3 CHWWs from the Church Steet team – Sheuly, Hamza and Jade, recently showed guests around Lisson Grove and Church Street for a lunch time walk after showcasing the initiative and explaining how they tackle local health inequalities in a personalised way.

Following some already star-sprinkled visits this year including Professor Kamila Hawthorne, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Professor Hilary Cottam, an innovator, expert in scaling systemic innovation, and author of Radical Help, we were proud to host Professor Bola Owolabi, GP and Director of the National Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Programme at NHS Englan and Sarah Woolnough, Chief Executive of the Kings Fund last week!

The day brought together the Chair of the NAPC Caroline Taylor, Joint Chief Executive of NAPC Matthew Walker, Chief Executive of the North West London Integrated Care Board Toby Lambert, Katherine Langford and June Farquarson from the health equity team at the ICB, Chanelle Corena, Senior Innovation Manager at Imperial College Health Partners, the Director of Community Services at CLCH Jo Davies, one of the clinical Directors of Healthcare Central London Dr Saul Kaufman, Patrick King from the Reform Think tank as well as the Imperial team Dr Matthew Harris and Dr Cornelia Junghans Minton from the I&E theme of the NIHR ARC NWL. Thomas Herweijer, Programme Transformation Manager from the South West London Health and Care Partnership and implementation lead for the CHWWs in South West London ICS also attended the morning and took Professor Owolabi off to Wandsworth to meet the CHWWs and local team there.

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