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The Challenge

  • There are 430,000 people living in Care Homes across the UK.
  • The care home population is higher in England than in any other part of the UK.
  • 70% of all care home residents have dementia.
  • Quality of life improvement depends on a proactive personalised approach to care.

The Innovations

CARE has supported 23 projects aimed at:

  • Quality of care: 78% of care home projects took a multidisciplinary approach, reflecting residents wishes about their care.
  • Connecting Providers: 96% of projects focused on an integrated approach to supporting the care home workforce.
  • Health Creation: 78% of projects focused on preventative measures to reduce health deterioration and hospital admission.
  • Reducing Demand: Several initiatives focused on reducing acute admissions from care homes.
  • Staff activation: initiatives focused on staff training to aid retention and recruitment in care homes, including addressing terms and conditions of employment.

of the care home CARE projects are likely to prevent hospital admissions and improve overall quality of life.

The Impact

  • Marney’s Vaccine drive: This led to an 80% increase in Vaccine uptake for pneumonia and shingles across 31 care homes.
  • Sharon’s Jelly drops: Implementation of jelly drops improved hydration in patients with dementia, leading to a reduction in UTIs and falls.

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