Spring conference 2021 sessions

NAPC Spring Conference 2021
A virtual event: 14.00–17.00
Wednesday 28 April 

High level sessions

14.00 Welcome and overview of the event  

  • Reflections of NHS during pandemic
  • NHS and partners working together covid 19 and vaccination programme
  • New ways of working
  • Rapid uptake technology
  • Health and Wellbeing



Dr Minesh Patel, Chair, NAPC

Conference Faciliator:

Vikki Beddow, NAPC Director of Strategic Partnerships and Organisational Development

14.05 Session 1

Department of Health and Social Care’s white paper: Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all – challenges and opportunities

Our expert panel will debate thinking from a range expert across system wide partners for and against legislation proposals. What this means for system transformation, roles of partners and include international learning from United States from Primary Healthcare viewpoint.


  • Dr Nav Chana MBE, Clinical Director, NAPC
  • Ann Greiner, CEO & President Primary Care Collaborative USA
  • Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of NHS Providers
  • Mark Britnell, Partner and Chairman at KPMG
  • Roy Lilley, Writer and Commentator (panel host and facilitator)

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14.45 Session 2

How can population health help tackle health inequalities?

Our panel will share insights into how population health is evolving to shape the way healthcare is being delivered across communities in England and Internationally.  This will include insights from Public Health England, Local Government and approaches and learning from Brazil.


  • Dr Nav Chana MBE, Clinical Director, NAPC
  • Dr Matthew Harris, Imperial College London
  • Jag Mundra, NAPC Population Health Management Lead
  • Faye Batley, Frailty Nurse, Upper Calder Valley Primary Care Network
  • Dr Helen Davies, Calderdale CCG Lead for community and population health management
  • Dr Johnny Marshall OBE, NAPC President

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15.15 Session 3

The role of technology and estates in the future of the NHS

This session will explore the role of technology and estates in the future of healthcare delivery and examples of learning from NAPC Digital Programme and developing estates with technology lens.


  • Dr Pooja Sikka, NAPC Council Member, Partner Octopus Ventures
  • Katrina Percy, NAPC Digital
  • Dr Sachin Patel, Primary care Transformation Lead, Harness Healthcare
  • Dr Ash Peshen, GP and Clinical Lead for ART, Thanet
  • Matthew Walker, Director of Strategy, NAPC (Session Facilitator)

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15.40 Coffee break

15.50 Session 4

Wellness and recovery of the NHS and healthcare delivery partners

Health and Wellbeing has been more important than ever during the pandemic and essential in the NHS ability to recover for the future. Panel colleagues will share how they have coped during these unprecedented times and the tools and support available to us all.


  • Dr Caroline Taylor, GP and NAPC Faculty Member
  • Dr Hilary Floyd, GP, and Clinical Director of the NHS Seacole Centre
  • Dr Peter Aitken, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist
  • Caroline Rollings, NAPC Faculty Wellbeing Lead (Session Facilitator)

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16.20 Session 5

How do we develop our workforce and leadership capabilities to support system transformation?

Exploring ways in which workforce and leadership developments are making a difference to the delivery of system transformation and why working within communities is essential.


  • Dr Clare Price-Dowd, Nurse and Senior Programme Lead at the NHS Leadership Academy
  • Christiana Melam, CEO, National Association of Link Workers
  • Dr John Jeans, Consultant Anaesthetist and Director at 33N
  • Andy Mullins, Primary Care Home Faculty Team Leader, NAPC
  • Janet Thornley, GPN Strategic Lead, BLMK ICS
  • John Pope CBE, NAPC Chief Executive Officer (Session Facilitator)

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16.50 Session 6

NAPC membership – 2021 and beyond 

NAPC is a not for profit organisation with heritage of more than 20years membership. New thinking and development will be shared with opportunities to join our diverse membership for learning and development opportunities.


  • Dr Minesh Patel, NAPC Chair
  • Dr Johnny Marshall OBE, NAPC President

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16.50 Keynote speech

17.00 Close