PCN support

Primary care network support

Transforming primary care through the PCH model

NAPC has an experienced team supporting the development of primary care networks.

Building the energy, commitment and capability

We offer support to PCNs at all levels of maturity whether you are at the start of your journey or developing and looking to achieve step three of NHS England’s maturity matrix. Through our primary care home programme, we have already supported the creation of more than 230 PCHs – which are  advanced primary care networks –  and there are many more emerging where we have worked with ICSs and STPs across England – bringing the total number networks that NAPC has been involved with to some 290 across the health system.

The PCH model is based on experience and knowledge of 25 years of NHS reform with a sound evidence base. Many sites are already embracing and demonstrating many of the key initiatives in the NHS Long Term Plan. We also have a growing PCH faculty of more than 50 primary care and PCH experts with expertise in delivering primary care at scale. Through this unique faculty, we are able to share and spread the best practice from around the country.

How we can support you

Our PCN organisational development approach is coaching around six enablers which together form our development cycle.  It is aligned to NHS England’s PCN maturity matrix. This means that as a developing networks you can be confident that you will be supported to achieve step three on the matrix. We offer bespoke support to PCNs, STPs and ICSs according to your individual needs. This includes support around:


We also have a Diploma in Advance Primary Care Management to support staff to gain the skills and expertise to manage primary care at scale. To find out more about how NAPC can support you, email: napc@napc.co.uk or call 020 7636 7228.

“Operating on a small-enough scale to make relationships work is an essential facet of the ‘primary care home’ sites, whose experiences have informed these plans”

A five-year framework for GP contract reform to implement the NHS Long Term Plan, January 2019