Become a member and connect with colleagues across primary care

We are a leading membership organisation for providers across primary care in the UK – including general practices, GP federations, community pharmacies, opticians, dental practices, and community trusts. We also host the practice management network which has more than 1,000 members.

Connecting, supporting, developing and representing members across the profession

Here at NAPC, we are constantly striving to improve our membership and the ways we stay connected with members.

After having consulted with our council, we have changed the model of membership from a fee-paying, subscription-based model to a free-of-charge, participation-based membership model. We have also decided to open up NAPC membership up to the wider primary care* family.


The NAPC represents the views of the wider primary care family. Membership as it has been may have been a barrier to all those talented healthcare professionals (NHS therapists, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, practice managers, paramedics, first contact hospital and community clinicians and GPs) but with our revised model, we now welcome those valued individuals to join us to share their insight, help to influence and shape the future, network and feel supported in their journeys.

We recognise the importance of every individual role in primary care and know that each role is essential to the delivery of best practice which is why we have changed our membership model to improve the membership scope and the way we engage with members. How are we doing this? See below.

What does ‘participation membership’ mean?

Our revised non-fee-paying participation membership model means we want to work with you to spread best practice and innovation across health and care.

To be a ‘participatory member’ means being an active member who can contribute ideas, knowledge, and work with us to spread best practice. As a NAPC participatory member you will:

  • Participate in NAPC Membership quarterly meetings (virtual)
  • Respond to NAPC member surveys
  • Participate in NAPC webinars
  • Contribute to NAPC newsletters and our Membership Zone
  • Become more involved with the NAPC and be a future leader

What you get

  • Shared learning and training to support your learning through a series of webinars and podcasts, our NAPC online learning zone and access to our primary care home tools
  • Support, advice, and updates from our skilled NAPC team based nationally, a monthly newsletter, publications, and corporate partners
  • Influence at national level, through NAPC leaders representing members’ views, raising the profile of primary care, and shaping healthcare policy
  • Working with likeminded people and bring more joy to your own work


For more information, please contact the NAPC team:

Tel: 020 7636 7228

* NAPC defines effective primary care as: a citizen’s first point of contact with the health and social care system; a person-centred (holistic) approach, rather than disease focused, to continuous lifetime care; a comprehensive set of services delivered by multi-professional teams with a focus on population health needs; the coordination and integration of care in partnership with patients and providers.