How to join

How to join the community of practice

If you are new primary care network – joining the primary care home (PCH) community of practice is an ideal way of learning from other PCH sites and primary care networks at all stages of maturity.

Primary care home are established primary care networks – the model was launched in 2015 by NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens,  it has spread to more than 230 sites across England and has informed national primary care network policy.

It is free to join the PCH community of practice and opens up a new network to share experiences and a host of resources to help you progress.

If you would like to join, please complete the application form below and send it by email to:

Please note, all applications need the formal support of the local clinical commissioning group.

If you would like to have a discussion about joining the programme or have any questions, please contact the NAPC office on 020 7636 7228 or email

Application to join the NAPC Primary Care Home (PCH) Programme

Please complete all sections of this application. If you’re applying for more than one primary care network to join the PCH community of practice, please ensure the information requested is provided for each.

Application to join the NAPC Primary Care Home (PCH) Programme
Please include the name, role title, telephone number and email address of Clinical Director(s) and managerial lead who we can contact and are best able to field queries about the application FOR EACH of the primary care networks your application relates to.
Q3. Is the PCN or PCNs situated in a rural (R), urban (U) or mixed (M) environment? *