Wellbeing support 

Wellbeing support

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, colleagues up and down the country have reported feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. Even before this period, we know that many colleagues felt similarly, with the pressures of the pandemic simply adding to an already stressful work environment.

NHS colleagues are excellent at looking after patients, but they are not always good at looking after themselves.  It is easy for us not to notice extra-long and stressful days becoming the norm and the build-up to feeling unwell.

It is important that NHS organisations and health systems support colleagues to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, to feel cared for, and to be empowered to pass that care on to patients. Self-care is also a vital skill and we want to support colleagues in practicing it in their roles and at home.

Our wellbeing course

NAPC is offering NHS staff an opportunity to take part in an expert-led course to help them improve their wellbeing and self care.

Our virtual course provides six half hour sessions focussing on self-care, wellbeing and resilience, giving participants the support and tools they need to take back control and thrive.

Topics and exercises include an overview of the six rules for coping, covering proactively managing your anxiety and stress, keeping calm but not carrying on and how to be kind to yourself and others, breathing exercises, mindfulness, team wellbeing, tips for self care and much more.

Spaces for professional listening sessions

 This is a structured 50 minute session offering participants a safe space to experience the depth of sharing, being heard and listening in a group environment.

The format involves eight participants (including the facilitators) sharing with each other how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and what they are hoping for.

The structure provides a confidential space for each participant to open up and share their ideas and feelings, and to be actively listened to, which helps to improve wellbeing and resilience.

The sessions are based on the Spaces for Listening format developed by Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones.

Further resources

For resources to help you manage your health and wellbeing click here.


If you could like to talk to NAPC about arranging these sessions in your organisation or health system please email napc@napc.co.uk.