Third sector events sessions

An NAPC event

15.00–17.30 on Wednesday 21 April 


We all have a role to play – third sector working with and alongside the NHS

High level sessions

Session 1

Department of Health and Social Care’s white paper: Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all – what this means for the future of the NHS including integration and place-based care

  • Overview of NHSE / I Legislation for Integrated Care systems
  • What this means for place based care
  • Impact on transformation, commissioning and budgets
  • Insights for commercial partners and how they continue to bring innovations to NHS


  • Dr Penny Dash, Chair at North West London ICS
  • Katrina Percy, NAPC Digital
  • Professor Joe Harrison, CEO at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Miriam Deakin, Director of Policy and Strategy at NHS Providers

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Session 2

Population health: a unique approach to understanding the needs of a population and why it’s important for commercial and third sector partners

  • Why population health is important to healthcare – good health matters, to individuals and to society.
  • Public health priorities for population health and wellbeing and International learning
  • Implications for leadership and workforce development


  • Dr Nav Chana MBE, Clinical Director, NAPC
  • Jag Mundra, NAPC Population Health Management Lead
  • Dr Johnny Marshall OBE, NAPC President

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Session 3

Technology in the NHS: exploring how technology is improving patient outcomes through a population health approach

  • NAPC Digital Programme – what we are doing and learning to date? including the focus on technology not just digital
  • How can digital transformation support population based health including tackling health inequalities?
  • The important role of the third sector working alongside the NHS to improve patient pathways and outcomes through technology advances


  • Dr Pooja Sikka, NAPC Council Member, Partner Octopus Ventures
  • Matthew Walker, Director of Strategy, NAPC
  • Dr Juhi Tandon, Clinical Director and Co-Founder at Cognitant

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Session 4

Partnering with the NHS: how partnerships can make a positive difference to the scale and spread of NHS innovation

  • Greater collaboration between partners in health and care systems will help accelerate progress in meeting the most critical health and care challenges.
  • Case studies of Successful Partnerships – key insights from partners where success has been achieved working together
  • Opportunity show Investment from partners for innovation
  • Ways to approach this and how its commissioned in NHS


  • Hamza Drabu, Partner at DAC Beachcroft
  • Simon Nicholson, Managing Director, UK & ENI Cluster, currently appointed for Organon & Co at MSD
  • Dr Nav Chana, Clinical Director, NAPC
  • Dr Minesh Patel, NAPC Chair
  • Professor Nick Harding, Chief Medical Officer at Operose Health

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