Prime Minister: we will deliver 7-day GP services by 2020

Commenting on the announcement about the proposed new seven day GP contract made by the Prime Minister yesterday, Chairman, Dr Nav Chana said “We are supportive of the announcement made explicitly around new and innovative approaches for contracting primary care. We are supportive of the direction of travel as it aligns with our thinking around the Primary Care Home (PCH).”

Vice Chairman, NAPC Dr Minesh Patel, said “The PCH is a model of care that provides both personalised care and population health management and is consistent with the Prime Minister’s announcement. The PCH puts local populations at its core delivery and truly liberates primary care in its widest sense to deliver services over a seven day week at times of greatest need.

President, Dr James Kingsland, OBE said, “working across historical organisational boundaries with a re-engineered workforce meeting the needs of populations of between 30,000 and 50,000 are key elements of the PCH. This exciting development may just be the tonic that the NHS needs to remain vibrant and viable for generations to come.

The NAPC also runs the National Primary Care Network which has been working on an implementation programme for the Primary Care Home. Recent reports can be accessed here and here.

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