New Deal for General Practice

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) welcomes the Secretary of State for Health’s announcement today on his commitment to increasing investment for primary care in the new deal for General Practice. We also welcome the recognition of developing the primary care workforce and its importance to the future of the NHS.

Primary Care remains the first point of contact most of us have with our health care system and, as a member organisation representing the breadth of primary care, NAPC welcomes the initiatives to design and develop this workforce.

Dr Nav Chana, Chairman of the NAPC said:

“This approach to workforce development in primary care must be focused on building teams with the right skills needed to address local population care needs as well as addressing shortages in GP numbers.

We recognise the importance of improving access to primary care across 7 days, however, we need to ensure we first get the system right “in hours” and build on the evidence around patient access to avoid falling in the trap of supply induced demand. In addition there are more solutions to be explored for providing a 7-day service.”

NAPC also welcomes the approach to reviewing outcomes for patient groups but wish to ensure that these include an emphasis on outcomes that matter to people including wellness, prevention and self-care as well as those related to illness.

Dr James Kingsland, President of NAPC said:

“We welcome the Secretary of State’s commitment to reducing bureaucracy and support technological innovations that will enable professionals to spend more time with their patients. Clinicians must be liberated from over burdensome administrative work which deflects from patient care ”

As an organisation at the forefront of defining and testing new models of working through its Primary Care Innovation Network (PIN) and the National Association of Provider Organisations (NAPO), NAPC will continue to encourage and empower primary care to try new things to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

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