NAPC response to 350 Million Investment in Primary Care

The National Association of Primary Care welcomes the announcement made today by NHS England that patients across England are set to benefit from a £350 million investment in GP Services.

NAPC stated when the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund was launched in 2014 that the funding for pilots to improve access to GP services would provide the much needed opportunities to test and evaluate different models of primary care delivery through a more creative and innovative approach.

This view has not changed, Dr Nav Chana, NAPC Chairman said today:

“In order to make a real difference to the health of our communities, we must have the means and the will to build collaborative networks, embrace technology better and recognise the need to develop a different skill mix within and across primary care teams.

Dr Chana, went on to say “We welcome the announcement from NHSE today identifying the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund second wave pilots and the general practices who will receive the first tranche of the investment fund for primary care infrastructure. This additional funding represents a step in the right direction towards creating the capacity for transformational change within primary care. It’s also pleasing to hear about the focus on innovation and workforce modeling in many of the bids, which resonate with NAPC’s 7-point plan.”

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