Leicester Hospitals' campaign: Everybody counts

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is pleased to support and publicise Leicester Hospitals’ campaign and video, Everybody Counts: Improving patient flow through our hospitals

The emergency department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary is one of the busiest in the UK, and the campaign focusses on the serious issue of ‘Exit Block’. Exit Block is where emergency departments can’t transfer patients to hospital inpatient beds.

Over 500,000 patients in the UK are affected by Exit Block every year, and we know that where Exit Block occurs, patient mortality increases. The campaign to improve patient flow through emergency departments encourages all healthcare professionals to consider what part they can play in alleviating the problem of overcrowding and Exit Block.

To watch Leicester Hospitals’ video, and for more information on the campaign, please click here.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has publicly drawn attention to the problems of overcrowding and Exit Block in departments. Details of our Exit Block campaign, including our recent February 2015 paper on the problem, can be found here.

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