Response to vanguard site announcement

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) welcomes the much awaited announcement from NHS England on who the first Vanguard sites are and the models of care that will developed with the £200 million funding.

This presents a great opportunity to develop fit for purpose care models to demonstrate the aspirations set out in the Five Year Forward. NAPC is keen to support the spread of excellent practice, recognising  there will be a great number of sites not chosen which are also able to transform patient care.

Dr Nav Chana, Chairman of NAPC said:

“This is a real opportunity to develop care models and transform the workforce so that the focus is on improving outcomes to populations. Demonstrating the value of an empowered and appropriately resourced primary care system must be key to these models of care.”

James Kingsland OBE, Senior Responsible Officer for NAPC’s National Association of Provider Organisation said:

“This is timely and expected news following our NAPO meeting with guest speakers, Ian Dodge, National Director for Commissioning Strategy and Sir Sam Everington, National GP Advisor where new models of care was the primary topic. NAPC’s keen to support all sites but particularly those unsuccessful Vanguard bidders by providing a ‘home’ within the NAPC’s NAPO. We have a real drive to spread the learning and best practice from the Vanguard process to sites who have not chosen to be part of this first stage through connectivity and mentoring within our networks thereby providing consistency and comparability.”

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