Diploma in Advanced Primary Care Management - Testimonials

Diploma testimonials

The programme offers a fantastic balance of flexibility and structure. You can study at your own pace but there is a timetable of learning and engagement to keep you on track.

Nicola Collins, Practice Manager, Selsey Medical Practice, West Sussex

The diploma gave me the confidence to leave a practice manager role that I had held for 23 years and I’m now working as a project manager in a federation. I would not have taken this opportunity prior to the course.

GP Federation project manager

There have been a few areas where I changed my behaviour, personally and professionally, as a direct consequence of the course content.

Practice Manager

I have a whole new list of brilliant NHS managers in my phone book and am inspired to do things a little bit outside my comfort zone. Those of us studying for the diploma don’t just learn from a curriculum, we learn from colleagues and the wider NHS. And that, of course, is priceless.

Kay Keane, Practice Business Manager, Stockport

I am now running the extended access and clinical pharmacist schemes for a federation. I am leading on trying to get NHSE to change their contracting rules on the clinical pharmacist programme to allow federations to be able to hold the contract. I would not have envisaged this prior to the course.

GP Federation Manager

I believe the skills and knowledge gained during this diploma will be essential for the future.

Practice Manager

I would definitely recommend the course to people in the same position as me who are working at developing a federation or working at scale.

Practice Manager