Understanding and tackling workforce recruitment and retention issues in health & social care

NAPC brought together a group of experts from health and social care to discuss the challenges around workforce and made recommendations to address them. This paper is a report of that meeting. April 2022.

Building Frontiers

A paper which explores how to support system integration and shape future care design, formed from the collective experience of the Frontiers Group (clinicians and managers from primary care, secondary care and mental health). October 2021.

Primary care networks: critical thinking in developing an estate strategy

A guide to help PCNs and PCHs gather the evidence and insight to inform an estate strategy for integrated community-based health and care consistent with the vision of the NHS Long Term Plan. March 2020.

Primary care home and social care: working together

A guide to how colleagues in adult social care and primary care can work more closely together through the PCH model. November 2018.

Achieving the Provision of Integrated Care

Exploring the development and successful implementation internationally of new models of integrated care. June 2018.

PCH: community pharmacy integration and innovation

A guide on progressing the integration of community pharmacy services within primary care homes. May 2018.

PCH: exploring the potential for dental care to add value

There is a strong case for the inclusion of dental care in the PCH model. January 2018.

The development of nursing within new models of care

Nursing development within new models of care, such as PCHs, and the issues surrounding it. September 2017.

Providing accountable care

Comparing the delivery of primary care in the UK and the USA through accountable care systems and organisations. September 2017.

Primary care home: evaluation of the model

The Nuffield Trust’s evaluation is based on reviews of 13 of the rapid test sites’ plans and priorities for building the mode. August 2017.

The financial challenges facing general practice

We asked general practitioners (GPs) and practice managers about the current financial challenges facing general practice. Their responses highlight a number of serious concerns about the issues facing general practice.  July 2017.

Does the primary care home make a difference?

Key findings from an assessment of three primary care home rapid test sites. March 2017.

Publications archive

Improving accountability in the provision of new models of care

The Winter Review, latest in the series of reports from NPCN. March 2017. Download

Lambeth PCN evaluation report

An evaluation by the Tavistock Institute of the Primary Care Navigator programme in South Lambeth. March 2017. Download

Reading well books on prescription booklet for GPs

A booklet produced and written by the NAPC that provides GPs with information about Reading Well Books on Prescription.  January 2017. Download

Roundtable Report: A local answer to a national question?

Summary of a round table discussion organised by Vanguard Healthcare, NAPC and Closer Still Media, bringing together key figures across the different sectors of the NHS. May 2016. Download

NPCN – Finding Solutions for General Practice

How do we relieve the pressures on GPs? May 2016. Download

NPCN Report First contact care

Setting objectives for 2016 – discussing innovative changes needed to transform primary care and compiling a list of initiatives reduce the GP pressure. January 2016. Download

PIN5 Detection of Coeliac Disease Using Pharmacy

Final report summarising findings in association with Coeliac UK, focused on the under-diagnosis of coeliac disease in the UK population, by making use of the accessibility and capacity of community pharmacies. October 2015. Download

NPCN Report: The Primary Care Home

Hear back from delegates as they divide themselves into discussion groups to discuss four specific aspects of the Primary Care Home. October 2015. Download

Primary Care in the NHS: Busting the myths

The NAPC teamed up with NHS Confederation to create their third myth buster talking about common misconceptions and myths surrounding Primary Care. August 2015. Download

RPS & NAPC Consultation Document

Improving patient care through better general practice and community pharmacy integration. August 2015. Download

RPS & NAPC Response Document

The RPS & NAPC Consultation Response Document. August 2015. Download

A sustainable new health system: pharmacy perspective

Case Study – New Devon CCG. July 2015. Download

Collaborative thinking and community engagement

Case Study – Horsham & Mid Sussex CCG and Crawley CCG. July 2015. Download

Remodelling support and integration of GP Services

Case Study – GP Care. July 2015. Download

Top tips for Federating

10 top tips for federating published by NAPO and Closer Still Media. July 2015. Download

The future of primary care

The Primary Care Workforce Commission identify and highlight innovative models of primary care that will meet the future needs of patients and the NHS. July 2015. Download

The art of the possible

This discussion paper offers early thinking on how community health services can add value to emerging new models of care. July 2015. Download

NPCN report – Developing a successful MCP

The National Primary Care Network (NPCN) is a group of over 500 healthcare professionals from across primary care including GPs, nurses, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists. June 2015. Download

Rip off the sticking plaster now

NHS Confederation report collates the guidance and urges immediate action from NHS organisations, national bodies and the incoming Government. April 2015. Download

NPCN New Models of Care

Samantha Jones, NHSE’s Director of New Models of Care calls on the NAPC to support her and the programme to implement new models of care that underpin the 5YFV. March 2015. Download

Case Study Report: PCN Programme for Dementia

Case Study Report: PCN Programme for Dementia. February 2015. Download