Welcome to our new website and NAPC brand

Welcome to our new website and NAPC brand

Over the last couple of years, the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) has been changing – we are now at the forefront of innovation within the NHS, our public profile is higher and our primary care home programme has gathered considerable momentum and is part of the national new care models programme.

For many years innovation has been an integral part of the organisation but our identity has not kept pace with our current position and profile. So we are launching a new NAPC brand and website to reflect where the organisation stands today.

Our new brand represents the many strands of our membership – from across the primary care sector – all involved in ‘first contact care’ from GPs and practice managers to pharmacists, dentists, and opticians.

It represents integration – as colleagues and teams from across primary care including the voluntary sector and social care come together to redesign and improve patient care and experience.

Most importantly it reflects how they are joining together on a united mission with strong direction and purpose to change the way they do things.

Our new website is also designed to reflect our changing organisation. We hope you will find it easier to navigate and we will continue to build on its content. Please give us feedback, this is a never ending process and we are continuing to develop.


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