New association will challenge European approach to healthcare

New association will challenge European approach to healthcare

NAPC chair Dr Nav Chana appointed Founding President

A newly established organisation, the European Association of Primary Care Partners (EAPCP) was launched today (20 September 2017) at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin.

Mr Chris Goodey, Chairman of the founding association, the Primary Care Partnership in Ireland, said the EAPCP will bring together health and social care professionals from across Europe to ensure governments are delivering a first-class health service to patients.

Mr Goodey, speaking at the launch, explained the mission and purpose of the EAPCP: “The formation and promotion of the European Association of Primary Care Partners is in support of the growth in the primary care sector and the central role primary care professionals will play in a decisive shift to GP-led primary care. We believe that primary care professionals and organisations are at the core of the success of the health sector. The EAPCP is a European advocacy organisation promoting excellence in Primary Care.”

Dr Paul Grundy, IBM Founding President of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) in the USA formally launched the Association in Dublin. Dr Grundy is a Healthcare Ambassador for Denmark and Adjunct Professor at the University of Utah Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, USA. Dr Grundy is a member of the EAPCP’s advisory committee and IBM’s Chief Medical Officer and Director of Healthcare Transformation in IBM’s Health Care Life Science Industry led by Managing Director Lori Steele.

Dr Paul Grundy said: “Replacing poorly coordinated, acute-focused, episodic care with coordinated, proactive, preventive, acute, chronic, long-term and end-of-life care is foundational to the transformation of a healthcare system. Putting primary care at the centre of sustainable healthcare delivery is now seeing tremendous results in terms of health outcomes, costs and patient satisfaction”.

Commenting on the launch, EAPCP Founding President Dr Nav Chana, Chair of the National Association of Primary Care, UK, said: “It’s encouraging that colleagues from across Europe are committing to coming together to deliver value-based healthcare to patients. Working together, we can strengthen and transform primary care based on its founding principles to improve the quality of care for patients and deliver better population health outcomes.”

Founding EAPCP Vice President, Ms Karen Canning, National Chair of the Irish Practice Nurses Association, Ireland said: “Following the success of the 2nd national Primary Care Partnership Conference, I am delighted to be here today launching our submission document ‘Defining primary care in the 21st century’ as well as announcing the development of the partnership to a Europe-wide association. I was delighted to represent the Irish Practice Nurses Association both at advisory committee level and at the conference to meet and collaborate with other disciplines in primary care. I now look forward to leading the European Association of Primary Care Partners (EAPCP) to continue this success and connect with health and social care professionals working in primary care across Europe. We are looking forward to hosting our first European conference here in Dublin in March 2019.”

Following the success of the Primary Care Partnership in Ireland, the Partnership is launching this pan-European Association. Primary care is the fastest growing segment within the healthcare systems of developed countries around the world.

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