NAPC Digital Suppliers

NAPC Digital Suppliers

The NAPC Digital Programme is the bridge between innovators and the health system

We have created a structured and engaging ecosystem for the development, validation and adoption of innovation that sees all stakeholders, including health and care providers, benefit from participation. The ultimate objective is a pool of well validated and evidenced innovations that solve the problems of NAPC members.

As a supplier on the programme, you will the opportunity to engage with the health system in a constructive and collaborative way, to develop and promote your innovation, and the benefit it has for the system. You can expect to:

  1. Find out about opportunities to solve health system needs or problems with your technology I innovation
  2. Engage with the NAPC team to help you find “sandbox environments” to build and validate your own innovation
  3. Promote and validate your innovation with, and to, the NAPC participant network

Become a member of the NAPC Digital Programme

> Membership Fee

Core membership is priced at £350 per month for a minimum of 12 months. In addltion to the core membership, there are up to 7 phases available, paid on commission of each phase or spread over a year’s membershlp.

> Membership Benefits

> What to do now

In just a few steps you can join the NAPC Digital membership:

  1. Register your interest by completing the NAPC Digital Supplier Application Form
  2. Review the NAPC Privacy Policy and return a signed copy of the NAPC non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to
  3. Join an initial call with the NAPC Digital Team to discuss the programme and how we can support you
  4. Agree to pay the core membership fee on presentation of the invoice