NAPC Digital Participants

NAPC Digital Providers

The NAPC Digital Programme is the bridge between innovators and the health system

We have created a structured and engaging ecosystem for the development, validation and adoption of innovation that sees all stakeholders, including health and care providers, benefit from participation. The ultimate objective is a pool of well validated and evidenced innovations that solve the problems of NAPC members.

As an NAPC Digital member, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Publicise your needs or the problems that health tech suppliers could solve for you
  2. Connect with other providers who have had similar needs and found solutions, or are searching for them
  3. See the latest opportunities for you or your team to participate in innovation development or evaluation

Become a member of the NAPC Digital Programme

By signing up to the NAPC Digital Programme you will become part of a community of healthcare professionals, who recognise the need to actively pursue innovation and to hold it to standards our patients would expect.

> As a provider you can expect:

  1. To be contacted by NAPC with opportunities to participate in innovation design, evaluation and deployments, where your time and expertise will be compensated.
  2. To be able to share your needs or problems with suppliers (anonymously or not) at a scale to be able to attract the best solutions.
  3. To participate and be invited to industry and participant events, focused on population health management and technology adoption.
  4. By signing up you agree to be contacted for opportunities as described above, and to sharing with us basic information about yourself and your organisation, for the purpose of selecting opportunities that align with your resources and preferences.

> What to do now?

In just a few steps you can join the NAPC Digital membership:

  1. Complete the NAPC Digital membership application form
  2. Review NAPC’s Privacy Policy
  3. Join an initial call with the NAPC Digital Team to discuss the programme and how we can support you