NAPC Digital Programme

NAPC Digital Programme

What do we do?

The NHS Long Term Plan places technology at the centre of a number of its commitments. It sets out that every patient will have the right to be offered digital-first primary care by 2023-24, where they can easily access advice, support and treatment using digital and online tools.

The NAPC Digital Programme is the meeting place for industry and healthcare providers. It facilitates structured engagements to support industry with healthcare insights and demand directly from providers, through supporting them with communicating their needs, participating in solution design, and collaborating with industry to bring their solutions to market. The programme also helps providers to select solutions from a validated set of suppliers.

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Hear more from the NAPC Digital Team in our publication: No better time to make health tech happen.

We connect NAPC’s ecosystem of primary healthcare providers, local authorities and third sector teams. The NAPC Digital Programme provides direct support to address the needs of the provider and/or to address priority population health needs for PCHs/PCNs.

We promote the adoption and implementation of technology in today’s primary healthcare environment. This is core to the NAPC approach, along with our focus on improving workflows, ensuring better patient & access seeking opportunities to reduce overall costs.
We encourage innovation, and the use of digital health technology as a tool to manage population growth, increased patient demand, and to help reduce the ever-increasing strain on the NHS. Technology has the potential to offer solutions that can be adopted across the whole medical pathway from back office operations and analytics, to cutting edge patient facing services.
We aim to improve and increase the quality of primary healthcare that the NHS provides by not only creating digital champions within the NAPC ecosystems but across national primary healthcare services. Adopting technology will not only make practices more efficient but will enable them to provide a better level of care to patients overall.