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The Journey

I attended the CARE programme on the recommendation of a senior colleague, with a view to progressing my nursing career. ​

I had embarked on my nurse training as a mature student with a young family. Despite scepticism from others that I would even complete the course, I managed to obtain my nursing degree, then a postgraduate diploma. Most recently, in December 2023, I received the Queens Nurse award and am currently completing an MSc in Primary Health Care.​

Attending the CARE programme enabled me to build valuable connections with other health professionals, particularly within my sphere of expertise relating to respiratory care in children.  ​

Since attending the programme I have also been appointed to a senior nurse role within a NHSE pilot – an opportunity that was completely unexpected. I love my job and team I work with.

The Impact

  • More confidence with senior leaders. ​
  • Improved job satisfaction. ​
  • Valuable opportunities to upskill primary care colleagues. ​
  • Ability to build useful networks across primary and secondary care.​

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