NAPC helps develop disaster medicine programme in India

NAPC helps develop disaster medicine programme in India

Senior leaders from the NAPC travelled to India this week to support the launch of an expert-led disaster medicine training programme in Chennai.

The programme is part of the Faculty of Disaster Medicine – India and Nepal. The NAPC has been working with the faculty since 2015, when Dr Peter Patel, an NAPC Executive Member, became its International Director after founding the organisation with a consortium of partners from England and India.

Since the launch of the faculty – the first of its kind in South Asia – Dr Patel has led a number of projects to rebuild communities – including primary care services – after a series of disasters in India.

The faculty has now extended its work to cover South India and is launching a major development training programme for disaster medicine in the region. The programme will provide specialist training and technical expertise in disaster medicine through 16 dedicated modules.

The programme will develop learning focused on field medicine and delivering essential primary care for displaced people. Topics include telemedicine and establishing public health and prevention strategies.

Dr Patel and NAPC president Dr James Kingsland launched the programme with senior health officials and emergency planning specialists in the region. The group included Professor Virginia Murray, Consultant in Global Disaster Risk Reduction at Public Health England, who also helped launch the faculty.

Dr Patel said: “Disasters can cause extreme disruption to societies, and the recovery and return to health of affected communities are dependent on a multidisciplinary approach including adaptable primary care. It’s heartening that we and our other international partners can use our expertise in primary care and public health to help develop this programme.

We hope this project will be used as a model of best practice in other developing countries around the world.”

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