Collaboration is key to population health

Collaboration is key to population health

Dr Nav Chana MBE is NAPC’s National Primary Care Home Clinical Director. He will be speaking in NAPC’s Primary Care Zone at Confed19 on Wednesday 19 June at 10am in the session: Building collaboration around population health. On Thursday 20 June he will be speaking at 9.15am in the session: Team-based working – breaking down the barriers, new roles and MDTs.

Collaborative working across primary, community and acute health services with the shared aim of redesigning services to improve population health is central to NHS England’s Long Term Plan.

Breaking down the barriers between these different sectors lies at the heart of NAPC’s primary care home (PCH) model – the original and validated form of primary care network (PCN). To deliver true population health across a system you need the whole multi-disciplinary team to be working together focused on the same agreed needs. That’s why we’re working with PCNs across the country, helping them to shape their care models and teams around their population health needs.

There are now more than 240 PCH sites across England and many more emerging where we have worked with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) throughout the country. So far we’ve been involved with more than 300 networks across the health system. Part of our focus over the next two years will be supporting PCNs in their interactions with other providers and agencies – for example hospitals, community and mental health services, local government and voluntary and charitable sector agencies.

In our Primary Care Zone you’ll have the chance to learn from the experience of our PCHs which have overcome the challenges inherent in redesigning services, made it happen and shown what a difference this approach makes to patients, staff and the wider health system.

We’ll be offering practical examples of how PCHs have engaged their local communities in transforming local health and care services and we’ll be discussing how the innovative culture within the leadership teams of our PCH sites creates the environment for the adoption of technology to improve the care we deliver to people.

Whatever sector you work in, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to attend some of our sessions and lunchtime drop-in clinics. We’d welcome the chance to talk to you about how our work –focusing on the health and well-being of communities – empowers providers from all sectors to be part of an extended primary care family, thinking of primary care as ‘first contact’ care wherever it happens.

It’s good to see equality, diversity and inclusion featuring as one of the six strands of this year’s conference. Feel free to come and talk to us about this because we have plenty of evidence to show how our PCH approach to population health, modelled on these three key principles, can improve health outcomes.

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