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Nikki Howe is a Practice Manager at Grovehurst Surgery in Sittingbourne. Nikki did the Care Navigation training in 2023 and has found it helpful to build her confidence so she can now support patients to access the right services.

Nikki explains “Patients don’t always understand what Care Navigation is, but they’re starting to realise that we’re just helping them to see the right person and that isn’t always the GP. We now get some positive feedback from patients.”

Care Navigation training recognises the important role of frontline staff in primary care and supports them to signpost people to the right services, which empowers patients to support their own health and wellbeing and improves access to primary care services.

Nikki thinks that Care Navigation is a great way to ease the pressure on GPs and be able to have a more detailed conversation with some of the patients about what their needs and concerns are.

Nikki says “it’s also about staff well-being and an opportunity to support staff to build their confidence and give them the skills to improve patient care. If the patients are getting the support they need and the staff are confident providing care navigation then everyone is having a better experience, there are less complaints from patients and the GPs should have more time to see the patients in need.’

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