NHS70 - events

Celebrate NHS70 with us

Photo courtesy of Wellcome Collection

The NAPC is celebrating 70 years since the birth of the NHS. There are a variety of ways you can get involved.

We are collecting stories and memories about primary care through the ages and capturing these here. If you would like to share your experiences of working in primary care as the NHS evolved we would love to hear from you to help us bring the NHS of the past to life.

We will also be celebrating the NHS at Best Practice in October. Watch this space for further information about our dedicated NHS70 space and our programme of activities marking the past 70 years and looking to the future.

“We were responsible for 24/7 care 365 days a year. I’ve been on call on Xmas day and got up from lunch to do a house call. Our home phones would ring in the middle of the night (when on call) and often we could be driving to a patient’s house at 2, 3 or 4am… and then be in surgery at 8am. Wives/husbands would have to answer phones at home when we were out on call. The significant change to this only occurred in 2004, albeit by the mid 1990s we started to computerise, use mobile phones (the size of bricks on 1G and 2G) and sub-contract out of hours work to agencies/co-operatives.” Dr James Kingsland, GP and President NAPC