Our partners

Our partners

Capsticks’ award winning GP legal support team provides a full range of independent legal services to GPs and practice managers nationally.

Capsticks has specialised in the healthcare sector for over 35 years, which means it has a deep understanding of how the system works, and how it affects GP services. The firm offers a full range of legal services to large corporate primary care providers, individual GP practices and practice managers.

To find out how Capsticks can help you and to access its full range of legal and business support services, visit www.capsticks.com/gps

Capsticks offer NAPC members discounted rates for all of its GP services.

GPI, a leading investor and developer of primary care premises, has been creating state of the art healthcare facilities for over 20 years.

During this time, the company has managed over 200 primary care centres and invested around £450 million in the primary care property sector. It provides premises funding solutions that help support transformation plans through the sale and leaseback of existing buildings, developing new facilities or disposing of redundant property.

GPI works closely with GPs, Super-Partnerships, CCGs, STPs and other NHS organisations to deliver integrated buildings that are good for patients, good for staff and good for long-term business.

Visit the GPI website.

View our video on developing estates produced with NAPC and Octopus Healthcare.

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited is a UK healthcare company with a strong track record in bringing high-quality, innovative medicines to UK health professionals and their patients.

It believes in excellence and delivering on their promises to the NHS, patients, its business partners and each other. It strive to offer new medicines and initiatives that meet genuine needs, make a positive difference to patients’ lives and support the NHS in delivering effective, high-quality, sustainable healthcare.

Optum® is a leading health services and innovation company dedicated to helping make the health system work better for everyone. With more than 125,000 people worldwide, Optum combines technology, data and expertise to improve the delivery, quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Optum uniquely supports all participants in healthcare, connecting them with a shared focus on creating a healthier world. Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, employers, government agencies and life sciences companies rely on Optum services and solutions to solve their most complex challenges and meet the growing needs of the people and communities they serve.

Optum has been involved in the UK healthcare arena since 2002 helping clinicians deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare and improve the lives and wellbeing of patients. Today, we support more than 120 NHS organisations.